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Clipping Path Way Services

Clipping Path

Using Photoshop clipping path to cutting out an image from background became the best option while consider quality output because clipping paths can apply in a shape edge as well as soft edges of any images.


Multiple Clipping Path

Clipping Path Way has vast experiences in image editing and graphic design services. Multiple Clipping Path is one of the big fields that we providing most confidently with top quality to our clients.


Image Masking

Image masking is one of the basic image processing operations. It is used to remove the background of photographs which have blurred edges or hair portions.


Image Manipulation

Taking one part from an image and placing and blending that into another image is known as image manipulation. After the manipulation is done you would never realize that the image was built from two different photographs.


Drop Shadow

In computer graphics, a drop shadow is a visual effect consisting of drawing that looks like the shadow of an object, giving the impression that the object is raised above the objects behind it.


Reflection Shadow

In the service of Image Shadowing, Reflection shadow produces the same feeling like the original mirror or glass produces. Reflection shadow is a graphic effect gives the illusion of shadows or mock shadow from lighting and gives a 3D effect to the object.


Color Correction

Color correction paths are used for post production color enhancement. They are hand made using the pen tool in Photoshop a few pixels outside the margin. Color correction paths are made separately one for each piece of clothing or color, depending on your choice.


Photoshop Retouching

We have experienced photo retouch artists who are using digital photo retouching techniques with creative mind to provide the quality photo retouching services to our clients.


Raster to Vector

Raster to Vector Conversion solution is a key component for every professional, commercial, industrial and scientific activity. The raster to vector service that we provide is a very powerful way to convert your data or image into vector format.


Background Removal

Images may have unnecessary distracting background details. These distractions lessen the viewers experience and have a negative effect on your Most Wanted Response (MWR) and can even have negative effect on your bottom line!


Object Remove

Object remove one of the most technical image editing service at Photoshop. By object remove option clipping path Way remove unexpected objects from your valuable images.


Web Image Optimization

Website image optimization (Cropping, Resizing, Straightening and Formatting): If you are looking for a company who provide Image Optimization service with Cropping, Resizing,



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